Monday, July 1, 2013


Kam Tin is an area in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

Hey, everyone!! So, I don't have a lot of time, but I just want to let you know that I was still alive and kicking!! We've been working hard this week, and the Lord has blessed us with real living investigators!!! Whaaaaaa, haha, so that's been the best thing. The language is still coming, slowly but surely, and we are about half way through this move, so hopefully, I can stay here next move and continue to build up the church in our area cuz they need it bad. There are only 6-8 active priesthood holders, so in Elders Quorum, the four of us elders almost double it sometimes, haha. 

We went fishing today which was cool. I don't have my card reader, but I'll send the pics next week. All they do is put a piece of bread on a hook, tie it to a fishing line, wrap it around a spool or kite reel and throw it in! And the fish didn't taste too bad, haha. We also got two summer missionaries living with us for two weeks. Summer missionaries are kids from Hong Kong who are preparing to go on missions. They are comped up with the real missionaries and live the mission life for two weeks over the summer break from school. It's pretty awesome. I wish we had that back home!! The only down side is now we have 8 people living in our apartment which is pretty small, but we make it work. What elseeee? 

Kam Tim MTR Station
I think I should start bringing my journal to the library cuz I always forget things that happen. Oh, we had a ward finding activity yesterday that turned out pretty good. We all just met up at the mtr station and preached the gospel! That's how we do it in Hong Kong mostly, just trying to stop people coming out of the mtr or walking on the street. I felt weird at first cuz it felt like I was a salesman or something, but I've gotten over it now cuz I know that all we are trying to sell is salvation. We actually get to pac muhns too (knock doors) in our area which a lot of missionaries don't get to do, so that's cool. 

I've heard it's pretty hot back home! It's hot here, too, I don't think it's Vegas heat, but it doesn't matter cuz the humidity is ridiculous, hahaha. Constantly wet - either from sweat, rain or both, haha. I love the rain, though. Sometimes it comes in for just a few minutes of just crazy, typhoon style rain, and then it's sunny again. Kind of cool.

I'm getting a little more used to living in Hong Kong now, though I have a long way to go... I don't wake up and think "Where am I? Oh, yeah, China." The biggest obstacle still obviously is the language. I can't believe I'm not completely fluent by now!!! Haha, but then it's not like it's Chinese or anything. :p Well, I love you. I'm so grateful for your emails and letters. I promise to write back if you write me, so do it!! Haha. Alec, Chase, Kayla, Kelly and Brandon, I got your letters!! And the package!!!! Thank you so much! Those oreos were gone before we got home, haha. I am writing you back!! I promise!! I just need to find the time, haha. Anyways, I love all of you, keep the faith. Have fun, read your scriptures! Stay safe.

Elder Mikesell

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