Snapshots at a glance...

President Stolworhty & Elder Mikesell

April 1, 2013
Elder Mikesell was set apart as a missionary this evening at the home of President Stolworthy, the Stake President in the Las Vegas Nevada Highland Hills Stake.
Elder Mikesell's MTC Drop Off April 3, 2013


    April 3, 2013
    Elder Mikesell arrives at the Missionary 
    Training Center in Provo, Utah!

Elder Durham and Elder Mikesell April 2013

    April 2013

    Elder Mikesell at the MTC with his first 
    companion, Elder Durham. Elder Durham is 
    from Salt Lake City, Utah. His favorite books  
    are The Way of Kings and the Mistborn series.
    He's a choir singer and best of all his favorite
    television show is The Walking Dead.

Elder Muir and Elder Mikesell MTC April 2013

Elder Mikesell with Elder Muir at the MTC. Elder Muir is from Austrialia and named Justin "Ranga" during pretty intense 4-square competitions! Ranga is what they call the orangutans in Australia. Elder Muir thought it was fitting for Justin's red hair. Highlights of the MTC included 4-Square, devotionals and singing in the choir. 

Elder Mikesell studying in the MTC

Elder Mikesell spent two months in the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center studying the gospel, learning the Cantonese language and how to be a missionary.

Elder Mikesell flew to Hong Kong on 
Monday, June 3, 2013! 

Elder Mikesell with his first companion in Hong Kong,
Elder Kwan.

June 9, 2013

Elder Mikesell's first companion in Hong Kong, Elder Kwan. "Elder Kwan is pretty much the biggest stud I've ever met. He was converted about 2 years ago, his whole family is anti-Mormon and he decided 4 months ago that he was going to serve. It's pretty incredible. We've been assigned to open a new area. We do lots of findings, lots of talking (well, I try, but nobody knows what I'm saying) and lots of walking."

President and Sister Hawks with Elder Mikesell

June 2013

Picture taken with my mission president and his wife just after arriving in Hong Kong.

June 2013

My first area in Hong Kong is Kam Tin, an area in the New Territories. It's a jungle! We are doing our best to establish the church here in Kam Tin. My area isn't what I expected Hong Kong to be! I'm in the middle of no where! 

Elder Mikesell with second companion, Elder

September 2013

Okay, so I've been training for the last few days... I don't know why either, so don't ask, haha. My companion is a good kid though. He was born in Canada but speaks pretty good Chinese because his parents are from Hong Kong, so I got lucky. He knows how to talk with people about normal stuff but doesn't know a lot of gospel terms, which is the only thing I know, so it works out ok, haha.

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