Monday, July 29, 2013


We've been working hard and have a few good investigators. I'm learning that just because someone is interested in the gospel or is willing to hear what you have to say, doesn't mean they are automatically going to get baptized, haha. It's a lot of hard work. Mental work, to really try and understand their needs, concerns, thoughts and feelings, as well as be in tune with the Spirit enough to know how to help them with those concerns, then have the diligence and patience to qualify for the gift of tongues to express all of what you've worked on. Investigators have no idea how much the missionaries care, love, think about constantly, ponder, and pray about them. It gives me a glimpse of Christ's charity towards all mankind. But, it's definitely worth it. Those hours and hours and sometimes days spent in preparation for 20 minutes of a quality, spiritual edifying lesson. I have sooo much to learn about how to do that effectively, but that's okay because I also have a lot of time to practice.

Its rained every day for about a week, but yesterday the sun came out for a little bit and it was beautiful. If it wasn't for all the concrete, this place would be a crazy jungle. Because I'm farther out in the most secluded spot in the mission, I get way more of that than any other missionary. I've never seen so much green, heard such crazy loud bugs, seen as many slugs, snails, centipedes, millipedes, spiders and some of the biggest ants ever in my entire life!

On another note! So, we were at a ward activity the other night, kind of like a talent show thing, but some people just did presentations. I'm actually not sure what it was, which is normal because I don't EVER know what's going on, haha. Anyway, one of our members showed us her "I'm a Mormon" video. It was like being hit with a ton of bricks! I had watched that video a dozen times before my mission and at the MTC, and I didn't even make the connection! I don't know why, she doesn't look any different. I just didn't recognize her. It's weird, though, because watching it now, I've walked those same streets in Yuen Long, and been to her house, met her husband (the guy with the sax, super funny and a pretty good soccer player). I also remember watching it for the first time in my living room and thinking, "THAT'S the language I'm supposed to learn?" And now, even though I still don't understand a lot of what is being said, I'm surprised at how much I do know. It was pretty cool. Another guy showed the music video for "Seasons in the Sun" by... I think his name is Terry Jackson or something. It was suppper funny and reminded me of dad, haha, the good oldies stuff.

So, next week is our last week of this move, but I think I'll stay in Kam Tin for at least another move. That's what the norm is anyway, or so I've been told, so we'll see. We've been working hard, and God has blessed us with a greater abundance of faith, and for that, I'm thankful. Thanks for all those who write to me. It means so much. I love you all. Keep the faith.

Elder Mikesell

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey! I know I wrote you last Wednesday, but we have our normal P-day this week, so here I am again!! haha. Not too much to report on. We did get a couple investigators to church yesterday which was awesome! Elder Kwan is making me do more calls now which I hate cuz I can't understand people when they talk to me face to face, so why would I understand them over the phone? haha But sometimes I'm surprised at how much I sik tang. Thanks Kelly for the letter to Jyu. I will have Kwan read /translate to her when she gets back from mainland if we are still in this area. Things this week have been ok. We helped a member move which was a different experience in Hong Kong than it is in America, let me tell you haha. 

Last night Elder Ward and I went over every possible zombie apocalypse scenario we could think of and planned accordingly, so no need to worry about that. If it does break out here, we will be at either 1- the mission office 2- Shek Kong air force base or 3- Big Buddha, within 48 hours of a break out depending on what goes down. So now you know where to look for me haha. We have moves creeping up on us soon. I guess they used to have 6 week moves, but lately they have been doing 9 week moves because that is when new missionaries come in. I think next Monday will be my last email in this move, but I have a good chance of staying in Kam Tin, so it probably doesn't matter. 
Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)
The other day we had been finding for a few hours with no luck when Kwan saw a mom with four kids, he chased after her and we started to talk, she seemed really interested, and I'm excited to see what happens. That was right before we had to leave, so after the trial of our faith haha. I understand that this is a process, not an event which is something my mission president says all the time. This process may seem to be going slow but when I look back it seems like I've made more progress than I think. Well that's it for today! I love you all. Stay safe :) Keep the faith. 
Elder Mikesell

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hey!!!!! So, this week we were able to go to the temple!!! It was my first session in the Hong Kong temple, so awesome. Anyways, our p-day was changed to today (Wednesday) instead of the usual Monday, so that's why this email is late. Not a whole lot has changed. We are still working hard to find people to teach, and we've been doing a lot of less active work as well. The mission is really focusing in on this. We've been trying to get our members more fired up about missionary work and rescue work. Did you see in the work of salvation devotional, when Elder Anderson was in Hong Kong he was talking to that bishop? That's my companion's bishop, hahaha. I still think it would be weird to serve in the same mission you live.. how it would feel if I got called to the Las Vegas West Mission, haha. But it's good cuz we need the bundeih super bad haha. I saw that the Las Vegas West Mission got a new president! That's cool. I think we set like a record or something for new mission presidents called. Awesome. 

Well, I would like to thank all who have written me, thank you soooo much. Keep doing it!! I may not be able to write you back all the time, but I'll try. I heard that Mt. Charleston is on fire.. that's horrible. If it rained half as much there, as it does here you wouldn't have that problem haha. But Mt. Charleston would be under water... so i don't know if that would work haha. It's like a jungle here, so much different than I expected. Well, my area, at least. I actually really like it. It's not nearly as crowded as any other area, and we are the only missionaries in the mission who have bikes haha. I'm liking the small village life :) Though moves are coming up in a couple weeks, I have a feeling I'll stay here. Kam Tin needs a clueless gwai louh like me haha. 

Well, I hope everything is going well back home. I hear it's hot. Sorry. It's not as hot here, but it's wet. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I haven't been dry since I got off the plane haha, but you get use to it. I sweat so much that my hands turn to raisins, hahaha, that's a first :p I've heard it gets really nice in the winter though, I'm looking forward to that. I saw that they have a Despicable Me 2!!!! First movie I want to watch when I get back haha, but I'm not dwelling on that :p 

Well, I'll be emailing again on Monday, so it won't be too long before I write again. Hopefully I'll have something good to report!! If anybody wants to talk, email me Sunday night at around 9ish and wait for me to respond! It will be around 11 in the morning here in Hong Kong (cuz I'm a time traveler haha) and that's around the time we get to the library most of the time, depending on what we have going on. Well I love you all! Thanks for the love and support, the prayers and fasting, the letters and packages, and everything else! gai yauh!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Now you can practice while I'm gone!


So this week went by pretty fast, actually. The more I focus on the work, the faster it goes. It's been a trial of faith, but we have some investigators with some potential, so have faith that we can bring them unto Christ! They need it. Obviously everyone needs the gospel, but I didn't realize it like I do now. We met a single mom with two 8 year old kids, twins, and one of them is autistic and has ADHD, so he's pretty crazy. I was wondering Kelly, if you could send me a letter with just a quick testimony about how the gospel has blessed you in your life and with raising Brandon. I think you can relate to her. She is really receptive, but she is leaving for the mainland for about a month, so we have to wait and pray that she still wants to meet with us when she gets back.. anyways, other than that, things have been pretty normal. We just keep chuggin along! haha I learn a few new words of Chinese everyday! 

We got to see the Work of Salvation broadcast the other day. It was awesome, about 2 weeks late, but it's cool haha. I really hope it gets the members fired up about missionary work in our area. We need the help, and I hope everyone else watched it!!! Go out and help the missionaries!!! I love the part where they said that missionaries should not have time to pac muhns (knock doors) because the members give them so much to do hahaha. We went tracting for 6 hours after watching that hahahaha, so do your part!! 

Okay, so the other night some of us decided to have a camp out and sleep on the roof of our apartment.. it was cool to see a few stars and stuff and to be outside... until it rained at 4 in the morning hahahahaha, but that's our own stupid fault :p Oh, and I'm not sure if I told you this already or not, but we also have two shiu keihs (summer missionaries) living with us for two weeks, so it gets pretty crowded, but it's fun too. I wish they had something like that back home. It would be awesome to be able to do that before my mission. Well, I hope you're all doing well. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and love and support. Until next week!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Kam Tin is an area in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

Hey, everyone!! So, I don't have a lot of time, but I just want to let you know that I was still alive and kicking!! We've been working hard this week, and the Lord has blessed us with real living investigators!!! Whaaaaaa, haha, so that's been the best thing. The language is still coming, slowly but surely, and we are about half way through this move, so hopefully, I can stay here next move and continue to build up the church in our area cuz they need it bad. There are only 6-8 active priesthood holders, so in Elders Quorum, the four of us elders almost double it sometimes, haha. 

We went fishing today which was cool. I don't have my card reader, but I'll send the pics next week. All they do is put a piece of bread on a hook, tie it to a fishing line, wrap it around a spool or kite reel and throw it in! And the fish didn't taste too bad, haha. We also got two summer missionaries living with us for two weeks. Summer missionaries are kids from Hong Kong who are preparing to go on missions. They are comped up with the real missionaries and live the mission life for two weeks over the summer break from school. It's pretty awesome. I wish we had that back home!! The only down side is now we have 8 people living in our apartment which is pretty small, but we make it work. What elseeee? 

Kam Tim MTR Station
I think I should start bringing my journal to the library cuz I always forget things that happen. Oh, we had a ward finding activity yesterday that turned out pretty good. We all just met up at the mtr station and preached the gospel! That's how we do it in Hong Kong mostly, just trying to stop people coming out of the mtr or walking on the street. I felt weird at first cuz it felt like I was a salesman or something, but I've gotten over it now cuz I know that all we are trying to sell is salvation. We actually get to pac muhns too (knock doors) in our area which a lot of missionaries don't get to do, so that's cool. 

I've heard it's pretty hot back home! It's hot here, too, I don't think it's Vegas heat, but it doesn't matter cuz the humidity is ridiculous, hahaha. Constantly wet - either from sweat, rain or both, haha. I love the rain, though. Sometimes it comes in for just a few minutes of just crazy, typhoon style rain, and then it's sunny again. Kind of cool.

I'm getting a little more used to living in Hong Kong now, though I have a long way to go... I don't wake up and think "Where am I? Oh, yeah, China." The biggest obstacle still obviously is the language. I can't believe I'm not completely fluent by now!!! Haha, but then it's not like it's Chinese or anything. :p Well, I love you. I'm so grateful for your emails and letters. I promise to write back if you write me, so do it!! Haha. Alec, Chase, Kayla, Kelly and Brandon, I got your letters!! And the package!!!! Thank you so much! Those oreos were gone before we got home, haha. I am writing you back!! I promise!! I just need to find the time, haha. Anyways, I love all of you, keep the faith. Have fun, read your scriptures! Stay safe.

Elder Mikesell