Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey! I know I wrote you last Wednesday, but we have our normal P-day this week, so here I am again!! haha. Not too much to report on. We did get a couple investigators to church yesterday which was awesome! Elder Kwan is making me do more calls now which I hate cuz I can't understand people when they talk to me face to face, so why would I understand them over the phone? haha But sometimes I'm surprised at how much I sik tang. Thanks Kelly for the letter to Jyu. I will have Kwan read /translate to her when she gets back from mainland if we are still in this area. Things this week have been ok. We helped a member move which was a different experience in Hong Kong than it is in America, let me tell you haha. 

Last night Elder Ward and I went over every possible zombie apocalypse scenario we could think of and planned accordingly, so no need to worry about that. If it does break out here, we will be at either 1- the mission office 2- Shek Kong air force base or 3- Big Buddha, within 48 hours of a break out depending on what goes down. So now you know where to look for me haha. We have moves creeping up on us soon. I guess they used to have 6 week moves, but lately they have been doing 9 week moves because that is when new missionaries come in. I think next Monday will be my last email in this move, but I have a good chance of staying in Kam Tin, so it probably doesn't matter. 
Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)
The other day we had been finding for a few hours with no luck when Kwan saw a mom with four kids, he chased after her and we started to talk, she seemed really interested, and I'm excited to see what happens. That was right before we had to leave, so after the trial of our faith haha. I understand that this is a process, not an event which is something my mission president says all the time. This process may seem to be going slow but when I look back it seems like I've made more progress than I think. Well that's it for today! I love you all. Stay safe :) Keep the faith. 
Elder Mikesell

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