Monday, July 8, 2013


Now you can practice while I'm gone!


So this week went by pretty fast, actually. The more I focus on the work, the faster it goes. It's been a trial of faith, but we have some investigators with some potential, so have faith that we can bring them unto Christ! They need it. Obviously everyone needs the gospel, but I didn't realize it like I do now. We met a single mom with two 8 year old kids, twins, and one of them is autistic and has ADHD, so he's pretty crazy. I was wondering Kelly, if you could send me a letter with just a quick testimony about how the gospel has blessed you in your life and with raising Brandon. I think you can relate to her. She is really receptive, but she is leaving for the mainland for about a month, so we have to wait and pray that she still wants to meet with us when she gets back.. anyways, other than that, things have been pretty normal. We just keep chuggin along! haha I learn a few new words of Chinese everyday! 

We got to see the Work of Salvation broadcast the other day. It was awesome, about 2 weeks late, but it's cool haha. I really hope it gets the members fired up about missionary work in our area. We need the help, and I hope everyone else watched it!!! Go out and help the missionaries!!! I love the part where they said that missionaries should not have time to pac muhns (knock doors) because the members give them so much to do hahaha. We went tracting for 6 hours after watching that hahahaha, so do your part!! 

Okay, so the other night some of us decided to have a camp out and sleep on the roof of our apartment.. it was cool to see a few stars and stuff and to be outside... until it rained at 4 in the morning hahahahaha, but that's our own stupid fault :p Oh, and I'm not sure if I told you this already or not, but we also have two shiu keihs (summer missionaries) living with us for two weeks, so it gets pretty crowded, but it's fun too. I wish they had something like that back home. It would be awesome to be able to do that before my mission. Well, I hope you're all doing well. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and love and support. Until next week!!

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