Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hey!!!!! So, this week we were able to go to the temple!!! It was my first session in the Hong Kong temple, so awesome. Anyways, our p-day was changed to today (Wednesday) instead of the usual Monday, so that's why this email is late. Not a whole lot has changed. We are still working hard to find people to teach, and we've been doing a lot of less active work as well. The mission is really focusing in on this. We've been trying to get our members more fired up about missionary work and rescue work. Did you see in the work of salvation devotional, when Elder Anderson was in Hong Kong he was talking to that bishop? That's my companion's bishop, hahaha. I still think it would be weird to serve in the same mission you live.. how it would feel if I got called to the Las Vegas West Mission, haha. But it's good cuz we need the bundeih super bad haha. I saw that the Las Vegas West Mission got a new president! That's cool. I think we set like a record or something for new mission presidents called. Awesome. 

Well, I would like to thank all who have written me, thank you soooo much. Keep doing it!! I may not be able to write you back all the time, but I'll try. I heard that Mt. Charleston is on fire.. that's horrible. If it rained half as much there, as it does here you wouldn't have that problem haha. But Mt. Charleston would be under water... so i don't know if that would work haha. It's like a jungle here, so much different than I expected. Well, my area, at least. I actually really like it. It's not nearly as crowded as any other area, and we are the only missionaries in the mission who have bikes haha. I'm liking the small village life :) Though moves are coming up in a couple weeks, I have a feeling I'll stay here. Kam Tin needs a clueless gwai louh like me haha. 

Well, I hope everything is going well back home. I hear it's hot. Sorry. It's not as hot here, but it's wet. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I haven't been dry since I got off the plane haha, but you get use to it. I sweat so much that my hands turn to raisins, hahaha, that's a first :p I've heard it gets really nice in the winter though, I'm looking forward to that. I saw that they have a Despicable Me 2!!!! First movie I want to watch when I get back haha, but I'm not dwelling on that :p 

Well, I'll be emailing again on Monday, so it won't be too long before I write again. Hopefully I'll have something good to report!! If anybody wants to talk, email me Sunday night at around 9ish and wait for me to respond! It will be around 11 in the morning here in Hong Kong (cuz I'm a time traveler haha) and that's around the time we get to the library most of the time, depending on what we have going on. Well I love you all! Thanks for the love and support, the prayers and fasting, the letters and packages, and everything else! gai yauh!!!

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