Monday, June 24, 2013


My attempt at a giant pancake, haha!

Hey! So this week has gone by fairly quickly. Everyone keeps telling me the longer you're in the mission, the faster it goes. I haven't been here for long. (Believe me, I know haha), but it does seem to go by faster the harder you work. We are still here in Kam Tin. We had a stake youth finding activity which was really cool to see all the youth get excited for missionary work. 

Sister Moody is in my zone, so I see her every once in a while. She told me last time she saw me that her parents ask more about me than her, haha, so thanks Brother and Sister Moody :) She's a rock, though. Training after 9 weeks is absolutely insane, not even joking, but there are too many new missionaries!

It's been raining here for a few days. We got a typhoon warning which was cool, but I don't think it came. :( I really want to be here when a typhoon comes just to say that, haha.

We actually might have a progressing investigator, too!!! So stoked. I was on 24's with Elder Ward, who is from Tennessee, our district leader. Total stud. He only has like 4 more months. His Chinese is like bundeih status, too. One day, I'm going to be like that, haha. Anyway, we found her (well, he found her) and we taught her the restoration that night, at the mtr station. It was awesome, and we met with her again a few days ago. She couldn't come to church yesterday, cuz she had to work, but she wants to come next week, so I'll let you know how it goes. 

Thanks everyone! Pleeeeease write me! I love letters! Thank you so much Sister Mecham for writing me without fail every week, and also Kelly and everyone else. It really is nice. I only  have a little time on the computer, so emails are good, but letters are better, haha, even if they are dear elders. Love you all. Continue to pray for me! I pray for you every night.

Elder Mikesell

A lot of these cheuns (villages) have rivers running all through them. It's pretty cool.

It's basically a jungle here.

Meat Market

Coolest looking dog ever!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


There are four generations in this picture: Me, my trainer Elder Kwan who was trained by Elder Jackson who was trained by Elder Tiu

Hey, everyone! So, this week has gone by pretty fast. We've been doing our best to establish the Church here in Kam Tin. It's hard work, but we always seem to have the energy to do what needs to get done. I taught an English class today. We invite potential investigators to come to English class, and we always have a spiritual message at the end. Anyway, it was good. Oh, and we had a chang out (to feed someone) a couple days ago which was fun. A family took us to a restaurant with way good food. I tried my first chicken foot which was okay, and apparently some intestines of an unknown animal, haha, but I didn't find out until after, but it was good! Haha. 

I bore my testimony at both the yuenlong first and yuenlong second wards. It went okay. Everyone lied and told me how good my Chinese was, haha. I'm starting to siktang (hearing understanding) more than I used to in normal conversations, and I siktang most all of simple gospel conversations, but my sikgong (speaking understanding) is in need of improvement, haha. It's funny because I surprise people when they talk about me in the mtr (train station), and I know a little of what they're saying. Elder Ward, who is from Tennessee and almost going home, he is our district leader and loves to do that to people when he contacts. Because his Chinese is fluent, he understands everything people are saying when they talk about him right in front of him. Then he shares a message about the gospel, hahahaha, it's so funny to see their reaction. 

Other than that, things are going well. Though, actually being here makes me feel like I'll die in China, haha. I know it will go by faster than I think. That's what the older missionaries keep saying, but looking forward gets me overwhelmed sometimes, so I take it one day at a time! Being that we're opening a new area, in the new territories, we need to work that much harder for everything. But, I'm actually grateful for it because I'll be used to it, and it can only get better from here! 

It's funny because the other day we went crazy and bought some milk which was pretty expensive, and on the label it says it comes from Logan, Utah hahahahahaha! Everything we get is from China, and they get there stuff from Logan :) 

I love you all. Keep the faith. Pray for all the missionaries in the field. I promise you they need it, no matter where they are. Feed them if possible, hahaha. I love and miss you! 

Our Backyard (hahaha)


What was the flight like to Hong Kong? 
What is your apartment like?
Are there more than just you and your companion living together?
What is the area like you are trying to open?
Is Hong Kong different than you expected?
Do the members feed you often?
Are you on your own for food?
What are your thoughts about the food?
How are you doing with it all?

The flight was looooooong, and it was all one big giant day because we were following the sun. It took me like a week to get rid of the jet lag. My apartment is nice and big compared to others. It's hot and humid, and we only get to use the A/C 12 hours a day, haha, so we use fans. There are 6 of us in the apartment. The area we're opening is in the new territories, so it's rural. We walk hours sometimes to get to the next village. Hong Kong isn't too different than I expected, but my area isn't what I expected. Downtown Hong Kong is what you would expect with all the buildings and people. It's really dirty, though. But, I'm in the middle of nowhere, hahah. Um, they feed us sometimes. I've been fed twice since I got here, but yeah most of the time we buy and make our own food. The Chinese food is different, but it's what I'm going to be eating for a while, so I better get used to it, haha. It's really not that bad, though. I'm doing okay. It will take time to adjust, but I'll be okay. I know I'm supposed to be here. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey! So, I've been here about a week... and I don't understand anything, hahaha, but it's all good though cuz I have an awesome bundeih (local) companion. His name is Elder Kwan, and he's pretty much the biggest stud I've ever met. He was converted about 2 years ago, his whole family is anti-Mormon and he decided 4 months ago that he was going to serve. It's pretty incredible... so, yeah, he hasn't been out for very long and he's already training me... and we've been assigned to open a new area... so we're starting from scratch. No investigators, no potentials, no recent converts, no in-active's, nothing. We are split between the yeunyat and yeunyi wards, and we've been told that we need a kamtin ward in 8 months. So, no pressure, haha. We do a lot of findings, lots of talking (well, I try but nobody knows what I'm saying) and lots of walking. It's crazy hot and humid here, too, but when it rains, it's not too bad... sorry I don't have a lot of time this week, but hopefully I can write more next week. Thanks for all your love and support and especially your prayers. Don't stop praying for me!!! Love you all.

Elder Mikesell

Elder Kwan and Elder Mikesell June 2013 Hong Kong
Elder Mikesell's first companion in Hong Kong!

Elder Mikesell, center, with other elders at the mission home
shortly after arriving in Hong Kong.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Mikesell,

I understand this is a little strange. You do not know me, but yesterday I met your son who is serving his mission here in Hong Kong. I just want to write and let you know that your son is a wonderful missionary. He has not been in Hong Kong very long, and I am sure things a little strange to him right now, but he is doing fine. I visited with him a little bit and I was touched by his humble attitude! I know he will make a great missionary!

He has a hard working local companion and they are doing great. They are loved by the members and investigators. I took a picture of them and he gave me your email address. I promise him that I will send the picture to you and I think you will like it. I have a son serving a mission in Vancouver. He did not send very many pictures back and so I understand how happy parents are when they receive picture of their missionary son or daughter.

Brother and Sister Mikesell, thank you so much for raising such a righteous son and then making the sacrifice to let him serve a mission in Hong Kong. We are grateful for your sacrifice and we are thankful for Elder Mikesell who labor so diligently in serving the Lord and His children in this part of His vineyard!

Second Counselor
Mission Presidency
Hong Kong Mission

Monday, June 3, 2013


Justin flew to Hong Kong today! He and his district arose at 2:00 am to get to the Church travel office by 3:00 am and to the airport by 5:30 am. He arrived in San Francisco around 7:30 am, had a five hour lay over, got to talk to his family and boarded the plane to China around 12:30 pm! The flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong is 14 hours 19 minutes. He's STILL in flight and should arrive in Hong Kong between 2:30-3:00 am tomorrow morning!