Monday, January 13, 2014


If nothing else I submit that Hong Kong, because of all the pollution, has some of the prettiest sunsets over the ocean.

My comp eating the neck of some kind of bird, I forgot which kind, but i think it's goose, or turkey...

Hey! So, I'm doing ok. Christmas was good. Yeah, the members gave us a lot of food on the Sunday before Christmas, so that was cool. Ummm, yeah they celebrate it [Christmas], but it's not as big as Chinese New Years (Feb 1). It's kind of like Thanksgiving and Christmas in the states. In China, Christmas is like how we celebrate Thanksgiving here, and their Chinese New Year is how big Christmas is in the states... I don't know if that made sense.. Most people don't know the reason for Christmas, but it's a good opportunity to bring it up; nice conversation starter. They do have some beautiful lights, though. Down in TST they have a light show on all the skyscrapers, it's cool. 

My investigators are doing well. Some are progressing better than others. We found a new investigator who had met with missionaries a long time ago and was willing to come to church, so we're hoping he will continue to progress. A-wayne still hasn't accepted a baptismal date but is coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. Finding here in Aberdeen is better than in Kam Tin. We normally at the least can talk to people, even if they aren't interested. We normally walk up and down the prominon, just along the coast of this park by our house. People are more free and relaxed, more willing to talk. We have good days and bad days. We went for 6 hours the other day and didn't get anything but yelled at a couple times which isn't super fun. But other times we've found new investigators. 

Haha my apartment... it's a little smaller than the one in Kam Tin, but there are only 4 of us instead of 6. It's about the size of the living room at home, not including the kitchen or anything, just the room where the TV is, haha. I see pictures of my house back home and wonder how I ever had so much room... We could have a whole zone live in our house! The cool part is we live right on top of a grocery store and everything is way closer on the island than in the new t's. Before, we had to go to two different areas outside our own area to buy groceries and email, which took forever. 

The weather is good, hasn't really been raining but cloudy most of the time. Not super cold, but for some reason, I think cuz it's a wet cold, my bones are just always cold, haha. But I like it better than the summer. I remember the summer weather and am not looking forward to it... my language is improving.. still frustratingly slow. I don't know if I'll ever be really comfortable with it. There are few missionaries who actually go home who are completely comfortable in any situation with their Chinese. This isn't like a Spanish mission where after 6 months you're good to go.. but I plan on being one of those missionaries who has "waht gei" (dominating) Chinese by the time I get back. 

English class is ok. Sometimes we get up to like 7-8 people and other weeks it's like 2.. other areas in the mission are pulling like 20 people a week, so we gotta step it up.. Our Asia area presidency's wife, Sister Wong, has been working on a new curriculum that should be released in the next little bit, so we're excited. We also just found out that we are going to the duel language name badges. The only mission in the world with two languages on the badge. It will have both English and Chinese, so that will be cool. Well, that's awesome Brandon is a Deacon! Sounds like everything is going ok. Thank you for keeping me posted and sending pictures, it means a lot. Love you guys, keep the faith, never quit.

Love, Elder Mahk.

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  1. Hey. Where exactly is the place in Kam Tin. I've been looking at maps, but can't figure it out.