Thursday, January 9, 2014


Cool skyscraper in Central

Wow, that's a lot going on, but it sounds like the same stuff that was going on before I left, haha. I've been praying for Kelly. We went to the temple today, and I put her name on the prayer roll, too, so hopefully those prayers reach it to the other side of the world. That stinks you couldn't ski. The Hobbit looks good, though. I live with a kid who loves all the Lord of the Rings stuff. We saw an ad for it on a bus, and he got a little trunky, haha. The temple was cool, though. The session this time was in English, but we had people from Mongolia and Thailand there. They get translations though, so they were fine. I did a name for the Thai guy. It was pretty cool. I saw the greenhouse, that looks pretty cool, and now a chicken coop, wow! You'll have a farm by the time I get back. Yeah, sorry I didn't write much last week. I'm sorry I don't have super cool crazy deep amazon conversion stories... Most of my days are spent walking around trying to find people to teach. I don't know why so many people are reading the blog. Kelly must be adding some cool stuff after I write, haha. 

One of our investigators, though, who we're hoping will get baptized on the 16th of February is doing really well. She's the one I was telling you about who is deaf. It's been hard to teach her, but she is awesome. Really suuuuper smart. She knows sign language in like 4 different countries. She's been teaching us Chinese sign language which I'm sure will be super useful when I get back, haha. I can say a prayer though, and teach most of a lesson in sign language, it's not too bad. 

She said last week that when she reads the Book of Mormon she gets a really good feeling which was awesome. That's the first time I've heard that from an investigator. Most people are either too lazy to read the Book of Mormon or afraid cuz they think it's the devils door book. (bad translation..) She is always super happy which inspires me. She told us that she could hear fine up until she turned 3 years old, then she had some kind of bad fever and could never hear again. She's been divorced and has been left to raise two kids by herself.. she told us that at one point she was thinking of suicide, which I would have never thought coming from her cuz she's so happy. It's pretty awesome to be involved in the conversion. Well, not really her conversion, she was already converted. Super prepared. And the way that we found her was completely the Lord's work. We got fonged (like stiffed, or dropped or canceled on, I can't remember what you call it) one day and decided to just try and find in the area, and we ran into her but couldn't communicate, so we just gave her a flyer and forgot about it. Then three weeks later she showed up to a missionary fireside that a member, who was her kids teacher, invited her to and we met her again. Since then she's been golden. Even bringing one of her friends to meet with us on Saturday, who is also deaf. We're working with a deaf less active too, so we've decided to just be sign language missionaries from now on, haha. Anyways, it's been a miracle. 

Wanchai LDS Chapel
Oh, so before I forget, I want to thank all those who sent me a card or gift on Christmas. It means a lot thank you. Kelly, I got your package today thanks, haha, it's awesome. We also went on district leader, zone leader exchanges a couple weeks ago, and I was able to work with Elder Grosbeck from Orem, Utah. He's way big into skiing, so we got along really well. But we also were able to do something pretty cool. We have an International branch in Wanchai where a lot of the Filipinos go, but they are mostly all maids, and a lot of them don't have Sunday off. So, in that branch they have sacrament every day of the week. We were able to bless and pass the sacrament on Saturday which I thought was cool. 

We also tracted into an awesome little Buddha shrine the other day. We were walking in this park that follows the coast, watching the huge shipping liners pass, and I saw a couple Buddha statues which I thought were cool, then a little further some more and a little further, and I realized there had to be thousands of them. It was pretty cool. They have temples all over that are always burning stuff, so I recognized the smell before I saw the temple, but this one was different. It was cool. I took pictures I can try and send them. Then right afterwards, we were in the exercise place of the park, and there were a bunch of old people just kinda sitting around (which is basically EVERYWHERE in Hong Kong)... I'm convinced there are more people over the age of 80 in Hong Kong per square foot than on any other place on the planet! They are super healthy. It's hard to tell their age cuz Asians look like they're 12 years old even when they're
like 40 until one morning they wake up and BOOOM. PoPo.. (grandma) haha, and they look 143 years old. It's funny cuz to call an old lady a PoPo is a sign of respect.. and they love it when you try and guess their age, and then they tell you.. I'm not sure why, but they are really proud of how old they are, haha. Anyways, we were in the exercise section of this park and this old Gung Gung (grandpa) limps up to the pull up bar and just stares at it for a second... and I'm like.. ok. gotta see what's going on here.. so then he busts out like 12 solid real pullups, gets down, and limps away... Hahaha I thought it was pretty awesome. Reminded me of Grandpa Mikesell. He wasn't interested, but a nice guy. Well, I hope that everything stays good at home. I love you all. Keep the faith. Never give up. 


Elder Mahk

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