Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey, so we've been progressing with our deaf investigator, Sister C., and we had an awesome lesson with her last Saturday. We had been looking, for over a month, to find a restoration movie with Chinese subtitles, but they don't exist... The church already translated the restoration movie into Chinese, so there are no subtitles... kind of a problem if your investigator is deaf. So, we got together with Brother Tang, who is awesome. We asked him if he could translate the whole movie, while it was playing, for her into sign language... he said it would be really hard, but he would try. The reason we've wanted to do it so badly is cuz she works really well with visual aids (which isn't surprising) and we just weren't sure how solid her testimony or even knowledge of the restoration really was, cuz it's the first lesson so we taught it a long time ago and were just getting to know her, how to teach her, translation and all that stuff. We knew she had a strong testimony in Christ but we were pretty sure if we were missionaries from any other Christian church who had members that could translate into sign language she would come.. so we really wanted to have her watch the restoration DVD cuz it's awesome. So, anyways, he said he would do his best. We started out kind of rough and throughout the movie we had to pause, so he could catch up. She seemed really interested and was paying attention. At the end we felt a prompting to watch a short Mormon message, (this one did have subtitles luckily) it was the Elder Holland testimony of the Book of Mormon, one of the most powerful testimonies ever recorded, in my opinion, and a great Mormon message. I invite all to watch it and every other Mormon message, they are awesome! Anyways, we watched that because the Restoration DVD doesn't really explain the Book of Mormon in detail, and it doesn't say what happened to Joseph Smith. We watched that and afterwards bore a simple sign language testimony. Then she started to try and explain what she felt in sign language, but she couldn't really express it all. She started to cry and then told us that she understands more now about the importance of the Book of Mormon. She has been reading it and has told us she feels good when she reads it, but now she understands why. It was the first time that has ever happened on my mission. Though it may not seem like a big deal to some, for those who only get that a couple times their whole mission, it was pretty special to me. Anyways, it was a good lesson.

We are going to teach a lesson today, on p-day, because an investigator is leaving town for the New year and will be in China until the 8th of February. We want to see her before she leaves. She's come a long way, before she was a strong Buddhist, but she believes in Christ now, we are just working a baptismal date... she says she wants to learn more fist before committing to anything. We haven't taught the Word of Wisdom yet, which can kill investigators.. not drinking tea here is like not eating rice.. every restaurant instead of bringing out water first like they do in America, they bring out tea... so pray for her please, her name is Sister H. We also are going to a new years festival thing in Victoria park with another investigator. Chinese New Year is in full swing, it's pretty cool to see.
Last Monday we were also able to go on a hike which was really fun and also really hard. I'll send some pics, I sent some to Chase, too. It kicked my butt man.. I'm so out of shape, haha. There was one section that was 1,000 step stairs. We definitely underestimated what that entailed, haha Anyways, keep the faith, never quit, and just keep swimming.

Love you,
Elder Jay

Victoria Park is a public park in Hong Kong, named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
It is located in Causeway Bay, on the north of the Hong Kong island.


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