Thursday, November 21, 2013


My new area is suppppper different from Kam Tin. Like as different as it gets, both geographically and as far as the work goes. My new companion is cool. He is from Hong Kong and speaks very little English which is challenging, but good cuz it forces me to speak in Chinese basically all day. Yeah, we have a lot more investigators here than in Kam Tin. And the members are awesome. Really mission minded. Our ward correlator is hard core. The island that I live on is pretty small. It's called Aup lei jau. We take a cool little boat to get to Hong Kong island every morning. There aren't any beaches that I've seen, but I think there are in other places of the island. We cover the southern part. It's super populated. Not as much as other places, like Kong Koi, which I've been told has the most people per square foot than any other place on earth.. and I believe it. Haha. There are a lot of fisherman and stuff here, but it's way more populated than Kam Tin; probably about the same as Yeun Long. 

Ok, I'll put some pictures online and put a bunch on the card to send home. This week was good, it was pretty crazy cuz it's so different than what I'm used to, but it's also really cool. We do a lot of street finding on the docks along the shore which is cool. We met a guy on Saturday night, talked with him, and then invited him to church on Sunday morning, and he came!!! It was so cool. This area has a lot of potential. I'm kind of sad leaving my old area, I feel kinda home sick, haha and I know that there was more that could be done there. I really hope my baby takes care of our investigators, but I taught him well, so I'm not worried, hahaha. 

The sisters had a baptism on Sunday which was great, the investigator overcame a ton of family opposition and anti, so she is super solid. Her family is Jehovah's witnesses and they were not happy.. I'm still trying to remember all the members and investigators names but I'll get it. Well, thanks for all your support and prayers, hope to have more to report next week! Love you all. Keep the faith, Never give up. Oh, and I will write more letters for sure now because things are a lot  closer, like groceries and stuff so we should have more time. Love you all!

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