Monday, November 25, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!! This week was good. We had some success in the progress of our investigators which I'm really excited about. We get a lot more dinner appointments here than in Yeun Long, that's for sure. My new companion is from TST, in Kowloon. He's really cool and a really good basketball player. We play every morning. He's funny cuz he's a little younger than me, about 4 months out, and says he doesn't like serving in Hong Kong. He wanted to go somewhere new. I kind of feel for him. We went to the mission office the other day and the bus drove right by his house... that has to be really weird. 

My new apartment is super small! But there are only 4 elders instead of 6. I'm living with an elder that I came with, Elder Martinez, who is awesome, I love the kid. His companion, Elder Au, who is also from Hong Kong, is a good friend of mine too cuz we lived together up in the New Territories. Sometimes I miss the bikes, but taking the boat is really fun, and the view from some of the places we walk around is absolutely beautiful, the ocean with all the islands. There are a ton of small islands that surround Hong Kong island itself, but they are all super hilly, basically huge mountains that spring up out of the ocean. Hong Kong island is like that too, so they drilled a tunnel underneath the middle to get from one side to the other. Most all of the city is on the outer edges. 

Snow sounds awesome!! Hope you get a ton this year. I want to try and get my job back at Eagle Point when I get home, so it can't close down while I'm away!! Haha. Most everyone here has never seen snow... weird thought. It's really really nice weather right now. Probably in the low 70's, I don't know for sure cuz everything is in Celsius, haha. I'm thinking about sending a box home of some stuff I don't need. If I put it on a boat it will get there in 3 months, but I don't care, haha. I'll have to see how much it costs. I need to slim down. 


Wanchai Meetinghouse LDS Chapel
Today we helped an awesome member move. He is going back to Wales.  came into contact with the church here in Hong Kong, actually. He walked into the Wanchai chapel cuz he thought it was a museum and was taught his first discussion there! Super golden. That building, the Wanchai chapel is massive, and the second most expensive building the church owns, right after the conference center, haha. Well I'll keep you posted on how things are going here, sorry I got on so late, we were helping Peter move, and he lives on Lamma Island, so it was quite an ordeal, haha. Well, hope to talk to you next week! He is actually taking us out for lunch next Monday. Love you all! Keep the faith. Never quit.

Love, 麥長老

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