Monday, April 29, 2013


Mikesell Family!

Hey, I got the flag you sent! Thanks so much, Kelly!! I am GREAT! The language is coming. Sometimes it's hard to see the progress I've made until we go to teach a lesson, and I say things so much easier than I can otherwise. Like for real, it's not that I just start saying things that I don't even know or anything, it's just that everything I've studied comes to my mind, and I'm more comfortable and fluid. I still have a hard time, but I just have to put my faith in the Lord.

Yes, everything is based off Preach My Gospel, so make sure Alec knows it inside and out, especially his purpose.

My favorite thing to eat here is probably the pancake on a stick which is just a corn dog but with a sausage inside. It's good, and the orange chicken is a big hit when it comes around. My least favorite... they have like four or five options, so if I don't like something, I just go get something else, haha. My companion is Elder Durham or Duhug Juenglouh. He's from Salt Lake. He's studying computer engineering to be a video game designer. He knows a lot about video games, anime and stuff and doesn't play any sports. He's pretty quiet, but I love him. We are like total opposites, but he is always positive and patient when I'm not. We get along really well. Yes, we'll be comps the whole time during the MTC. Our district has 5 elders (us and a tripanionship) and a pair of sisters, so 7 total. There are 2 other districts of 8 in our canto zone, so in all 24 canto speakers. The most at the MTC at one time in history. We are still the only two in our room, everyone else is jealous, haha. We go do a temple session every Monday morning and a temple grounds walk on Sunday afternoon.

Our zone is trying to S.Y.L. (speak your language) as much as possible, but we ended up just translating funny American sayings like "we do what we do!!" and "LIKE A BOSS" haha which happen to be Ngohdeih jouh matyeh ngohdeih jouh! and Hochi Boisi!! I might have spelled those wrong, though, but anywayyyys.

I'm doing well and should be shipping out in about 4 and a half weeks!!

The biggest thing I've learned this week is to try and rely wholly on the Lord because I physically can't do it alone. Love you all! Keep the faith! Stay strong and Ga Yauh!! (add oil) = (goodluck)

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