Monday, April 22, 2013


"So, I'm doing laundry, right?... I grab what I think are my clothes, throw them in my bag and head home. As I start to put stuff away, I realize that some of these white shirts don't look familiar and they are the wrong sizes. At this point, I'm like, "Uh, elder... we need to go. Now." We RUN back to the laundry room, and my plan was to just slip them back into the dryer that I found them in, but it was being used! I didn't know what to do, haha. One of the elders in our district was there and I whispered to him, "Hey, so, I've got someones laundry, and I don't know what to do." He's like, "Oh! It was you! Some guy has been looking for his stuff and yelling, "Who is pranking me?!" He overheard us talking and said "WHO WAS IT!!! WHO STOLE MY LAUNDRY??!!" So, I just played along and said, "Gotcha!! hahaha". It was funny. I gave him his laundry back but couldn't find my laundry! We looked for a while and then finally after being convinced that someone stole MY laundry, I found my stuff in the washing machine... I had never switched it haha! Just thought that was a funny story.

Oh, also another one. One of the elders in our zone, Elder Howell has his girlfriend writing him. The DL's (District Leaders) go get everybody's mail and then distribute it to the elders in their district. The DL's get his mail and see he got a letter from his girlfriend. They thought it would be funny to borrow a sister's lipstick and kiss it so he thinks his girlfriend did it, haha. So, Elder Martinez kisses the letter and we all thought that was pretty funny, but then someone got the even better idea of heading to the lamination center and getting the sealed letter laminated hahahahahahahahah. The lamination guys thought it was hilarious too! We gave it to him and said, "Hey, we know you love getting letters from your girlfriend, so we laminated this one so you'll always have it to remember her by :)". He was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and spends 20 minutes cutting and peeling the lamination off, so he can kiss the lipstick on the letter hahahahahahaha. He wasn't very amused when we told him he basically kissed Elder Martinez.

We got to hear from Elder Richard G. Scott on Tuesday. He spoke on prayer, it was so awesome. Super powerful. Then he gave us an apostolic blessing that those who were learning a foreign language would learn it with ease as they use it to bring others unto Christ. He gave us some other apostolic blessings as well, it was powerful. I totally feel a difference. Then, yesterday, we got to watch the BYU Men's Chorus perform. I wish Alec could have been there, he would have appreciated it more, but it was rad. They are the biggest all male collegiate chorus in the world, which I didn't know, but they performed their new album especially for missionaries. You can download it for free.

Elder Muir and Elder Mikesell MTC April 2013

Our zone leaders and a couple subwano districts in our zone left today :( I'm kind of sad because I love Elder Muir (the Australian that named me Ranga), Elder Call and Elder Johnson, but I got their info, so we can keep in touch. One of the canto boys companionship got called as the new ZL's (zone leaders) and this Wednesday we are getting 22 new missionaries in our zone. 18 sisters and 4 elders... so, ya gotta love them sisters :) There actually is a district of all sisters in the new group. Pretty crazy, it's one of the first of its kind.

Much love to all who read this!!! Thank you so much for the letters and/or packages!! I don't have time to write you all but know that I love and appreciate all you do. Keep the faith. The Lord is hastening His work with or without you, so might as well be on his side. :)

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