Monday, April 8, 2013


"Leh hou Mikesell Clan!! In Chinese they can't pronounce English names, so they give us Chinese names and mine is Mohk. You can tell all your friends that your last name in Chinese is Mohk. Haha. Monday is my P-day, and that is the day I can email and stuff...

The mission is awesome so far. My district and zones are full of the coolest elders eveaaa, and the canto is coming along slowly but surely. Alec will be glad to hear I joined the choir. It's awesome and the director is super funny. He reminds me of Brian Regan. We saw Vocal Point yesterday for our devotional, and they were CRAZY GOOD. Like the best ever. You should look them up. They are an a cappella band from BYU, and they won a cappella championship last year. It reminded me of Pitch Perfect haha.

Conference was way good too, right?! All about missionary work!!! Represent!!

So, our district has decided we will have a phrase of the day, everyday, and last night we were going to grab some hot pockets and red cream sodas when an elder came out of his room in full footie dinosaur pajamas... like a bossss. He even had a hood that had teeth on it, so Elder Kang was like "Whaaa? That is awesome! I would cuddle him so hard!"
And, thus, the phrase of the day yesterday, haha.

I forgot my camera in the dorms, so I'll have to go get it and send you some of the pictures I've taken. Other than that, I'm doing awesome!

By the way, my comp and I are the only elders in our room, so we took all the extra blankets and pillows and constructed the tent of Lehi, which I dwelt in haha. I love you lots! I'll send those pictures and write anything else I forgot in a real letter to you guys. I love really handwritten letters!!!! Emails are good too, though. :) Be strong, keep the faith!!! Love you!"

Mohk Jeung louh
(elder mikesell)

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