Monday, April 7, 2014


Hong Kong is a jungle. They just built the city right out of it, it's pretty cool. Yeah, the pizza at Pizzanoes is super good. Next Monday me and Elder Au (a super funny local that I've lived with forever) are going to do the Pizzanoes challenge. It's a 24" pizza, 2 people, in 20 minutes. We've been training for it, eating a ton of veggies and drinking a ton of water to expand our stomachs. Elder Morton and his comp did it a while back, they said the biggest problem is that they start the timer as soon as it comes out of the oven, so it's too hot to eat.. sneaky. He said the trick is to tear the cheese off and just eat the bread of the first one and then by then the others are cool enough to eat. Then you stack them on top of each other and eat the left over cheese last. So, that's the strategy. 

Yeah, the tentacle could either be squid, octopus or cuddle fish... I'm not a big fan of any of them, but the cuddle fish is the worst. It's like chewing one of those pink erasers that you have in school. The markets here have them all alive in buckets, when you buy them they kill them in front of you, unless you want to do it yourself, then you take it home and eat it fresh. There are some weird looking stuff that comes out of the ocean that I've only ever seen on the discovery channel that people eat here. 

I don't really have a lot of updates on investigators, we don't really have any right now. Well, we may have one, he's Sister Chan's friend, she has given us like 6 referrals, it's awesome. But, we've only met with one of them more than once. His name is Mr. Chan (no relation, there are only probably a dozen different surnames in Chinese, so a lot of people have the same last name). 

My apartment is really small... I took a video tour of it, but it's on the newer SD card, so you don't have it yet. I'll send it though. There are four of us living in it instead of 6, though. It's only us and the other companionship in our apartment. Elder Water, who I lived with in Kam Tin and Elder Au who I also lived with in Kam Tin but at different times ( I was there for a while). It's a huge coincidence that we all ended up on the complete other side of the universe here in Abderdeen. We used to have the Abderdeen Sisters in our district and the Mandarin Sisters but they are both gone. Our apartment is probably about the size of the family room at home, not including the kitchen, but not as open. My companion, Elder Phillips is cool. He's from Arizona originally but has lived in Wisconsin and Michigan. His dad is a pilot and wrote a cool book that I want to read when I get back. His Chinese is super good. Our district just got smaller cuz we combined zones and people got moved around. But that's fine with me cuz I'm responsible for less people! 

We bought a museum pass for $50 (that's like $7), so we can go to all the museums in Hong Kong. We've been going to a lot of them, it's really cool. We went to the history museum which was really cool. They had a lot about the Hong Kong culture and stuff, but it was funny cuz I had already seen this stuff ou on the street and knocking doors and stuff, so it wasn't anything new in that section. 

I read the Liahona sometimes and look for stuff I can help people, I'm also in Judges in the Bible, but most of the time is spend in the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. I read Jesus the Christ a while back, and I think it's my favorite book of all time. I've pretty much memorized Preach my Gospel, but I still get new stuff from it when I read. Obviously, the Book of Mormon is great. I just went through the Isaiah chapters and compared them to the Isaiah verses in the bible. I read them side by side and underlined everything that was changed and it is actually pretty cool. Some things are pretty insignificant but others things change the entire scripture. 

The members are great and help out a lot with teaching lessons, etc. We are just trying to get them to invite their friend/family member/acquaintances to activities and stuff. Food is a lot of ramen and rice. Nothing too crazy, normally. Well, I hope you have gotten a little more insight into the world of Elder Mak. Sorry it's not super exciting, but it's important. I'm still keeping a daily journal. I haven't missed a day yet. I figured I've gone too long to stop now, haha. 

Love you! Thanks for everything and the updates and pictures and stuff. Keep the faith, never quit, just keep swimming. Hope conference was good. We will see it this coming week cuz it needs to get translated. Love you all, thanks for all the support.

Elder Mak


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