Monday, October 28, 2013



YES!! I got the Halloween package this week! Thank you so much! The whole apartment loved it. It was great, thanks! I feel like I'm missing out on a ton sometimes, but other times it's like.. yeah they are all the same, haha. I'm in the worst shape of my life right now I think.. Super fat from the rice and fatty dumplings and stuff. We only have a stove, so we fry everything... and McDonald's is the cheapest place to eat and pretty much the only thing we can afford so yeah.. I'm pretty sure I couldn't run a half marathon right now at all, and it will only get worse cuz we are the only missionaries in the mission who have bikes, and we bike all day everyday, so when I get transferred... even less exercise. I really want do better, but there is just like ZERO time. It's depressing, but I'll get it back when I go home. Haha, yeah I don't know, but I definitely need some deodorant, haha. 

Elder Mikesell & summer missionary Elder Mahk
Oh, the elder I'm standing with in front of the church was my sukeih, my summer missionary. They lived with us for 2 weeks and were our companions, we taught them how to do missionary work and stuff. He has the same last name as me, haha Mahk (麥) spoke ZERO English.. it was a challenging 2 weeks, haha. 

Elder Mikesell with his companion Elder Wong
Elder Mikesell with his companion Elder Wong
Training is going well, my comp is great, and we work well together. My comp's name is Elder Wong. (For anybody who knows Cantonese it's not wongsik ge wong, but wongdaih ge wong) (王長老) There was a lot of pressure at first because I was a new missionary myself when I started training him, but we've been blessed. We actually found this golden investigator the other day that was a potential from a year ago. I just called him up for the heck of it, to practice calls.. cuz I hate calls, and he was actually willing to talk to us. He thought my Chinese was awesome and asked how many years I had lived in China.. so yeah, we got along really well after that, haha. He wants to come to church and everything! But the only problem is he lives in teun muhn, so we had to pass him to the tuen muhn elders, who are our zone leaders and also are on fire... teaching a ton. I was a little disappointed. I wish we could teach him, but we are progressing the work as best we can. Lot of planting seeds, tilling the ground, weeding, watering.. and all that other stuff. But we will reap eventually. We also met up with a returned missionary who served in yuen long 22 years ago! He was in the same building we use now, so we gave him a tour. He said it was trippy being back. I'll bet it was, haha. Anyways, I love all of you! If you ever come to China, you need to get a gachai beng!! It's the most delicious thing known to man. Some kind of waffle, with tons of butter, sugar, honey of some kind and peanut butter mixed with a dose of Chinese magic. Awesome. The best ones are in TST. So yeah, I'll send you a bunch more pics when I get the SD card! Thanks for everything! Love you!

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