Monday, May 13, 2013


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! Thanks to moms everywhere! Especially mine, and Kelly. They are awesome wonderful. We watched this video on about moms they made for Mother's Day, it was really good. I don't remember what it was called, but you shouldn't have a hard time finding it. Whenever you want a spiritual kick in the butt for a little motivation, go watch Mormon messages, they're great. The bible videos are cool, too. Oh, and on the website, they have this guy you need to find. He's like a YouTube legend. I can't remember his name, but he's from Hawaii and he plays the piano. Look him up. So cool.

So we've been here longer than most everybody else, haha. We've seen 3 sets of yingmans (English speakers) come and go, and all our Spanish, Tagolog and Subuano buddies are all gone, haha. We feel like the old grandpas of the MTC, haha. It's cool, though, cuz we got a new group of Mandarin speakers a few weeks ago that live in the same dorm and have the same gym time. There is a pretty big rivalry on the soccer pitch. We call them the tangerines and they refer to us as the cantaloupes, haha. But, we usually beat them, haha. They are actually really cool guys. Sometimes we will street contact each other around campus and try to understand what each other is saying. It's weird cuz it's close, and I can understand a few things, but overall it just sounds like they are shushing us all the time, haha. They tell us we are "chinging" them, haha. Anyways, this week has been good. I've learned a lot and am excited for another week. Our teaching schedules have picked up a ton, but that's just what it will be like in the mission, hopefully. Anyways, so that's good, haha.

The field has opened up, so I play soccer. We started with only 6 people, but it's grown to a bunch more. Yesterday, we had 13 vs. 13, it was a pretty fun game, haha. I haven't taken any pictures of the 4-square games, but if I do, I'll send them to you.

A lot of people complain about the MTC and about how long they have to spend here, but I think if they gave me the option to stay for 12 weeks, I would, haha. Well, that's all for today folks, keep the faith, don't quit, and pray for my gift of tongues, haha, I need it!

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