Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hey Mikesell Clan!

Thanks everybody for all the letters and packages and love and everything!!! It's awesome, and I really appreciate it. So, we leave June 3rd!!! A week from today, and we have to be at the airport by 6:00am, so we have to leave the MTC at 3:00am!! We fly from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, sit there for 5 hours, then it's straight to Hong Kong!! The flight from San Fran to Hong Kong is like 18 hours!!!

Oh, and to answer your questions, Kelly, most of the tangerines are going to Taiwan or staying in the states. There are a few mandarins in Hong Kong but very few. We are actually on the same flight with the first two sister missionaries speaking mandarin going to Hong Kong. The tangerines actually had an apostle come to the MTC to evaluate their progress. We've been told that after we leave, the next group of Canto's will be twice our size... 50 Canto missionaries!! Crazy, man.

We actually were able to host last Wednesday which was fun. It's crazy to think about how much we've progressed since being here. We are going to host again this Wednesday, being that we are the grandpas of the MTC, haha. Nobody has been here longer than us now. It's cool, but makes we want to get out of here, but to be honest if they gave me the option I'd probably stay for another 4 weeks, hahaha.

The choir is doubling their size and is singing at the Marriott Center next month!!! I wish I could be here for that, but going to Hong Kong will be cool, too, haha! This week we heard from Elder Nash of the Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Allen who is the Director of Missionary Work. They both were inspiring and made me want to go hard my whole mission. Also, Elder Allen is hilarious, haha. Alec will probably hear from him. We've heard from him twice now.

Anyways, it's starting to get real now!!! Love you all! This will be the last email from the MTC!! Love you! Keep the faith! Never quit!

Elder Mikesell
It's my name!! They gave us names for our passports, and mine means "eternally bright".

Isn't the temple cool with all the clouds in the background?!

Do you recognize the Hawaiin? Yeah, he is from the district!!!! I was like, "Hey, elder Manu, right?" And he said, "Nope, Elder Reece... There are only two brown dudes on the district and you got them mixed up..." Hahahaha, he was nice, though.

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