Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey! Yeah - Abo left Saturday and won't be back until after New Years in March... He went to his home town in Saichyun, which is like half way between here and Beijing. Blair goes up and down, but she's doing okay. Not too stoked about the commandments, believes they are pretty restricting. Though, I don't think she realizes she keeps most of them anyway. She just can't go shopping on Sunday.

Elder Copely is doing a lot better. He is from Canada, but his mom is originally from Gwongjau which is the region just above Hong Kong in mainland, so she spoke Cantonese, but he never learned. His dad is white, so they just spoke English in the home. It's kind of rough because people sometimes ridicule him for being half Chinese but not being able to speak, even though it's not his fault. 

Our ward is pretty good size. It's the same ward Sister Moody used to serve in when I was in Kam Tin. Members are pretty good, willing to help with lessons and stuff. No, they don't really feed us. Except for the mission leader's wife on Sunday's will make us lunch and the Bishop's wife will sometimes give us stuff. But it's good. 

Sounds like all is going pretty well!! OH Kelly!!! I have to tell you the coolest thing!!! So, I don't know if you remember, but a loooong time ago you wrote a letter for an investigator we had in Kam Tin who had an autistic son. We were never able to show it to her, though, because she dropped off the face of the earth and got eaten by the mainland monster. I don't really remember this, but apparently I gave the letter to my companion when I left who kept it and then gave it to the next ones after that and so on. Until just a month or so ago, the missionaries there got a hold of her after looking at some old records that I made for her. It had her address and so they stopped by. She was there and by the next lesson they brought that letter, translated it and read it to her. I guess she just cried and cried and then accepted a baptismal date and is doing really well now, so good job!!!! Haha, I heard about it last week at zone training meeting. Keep up the good work!! Love you guys!! Add oil!!


Elder Mak

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