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September 10, 2014

HEY! Sorrry, I should have known you already sent a package. Sorry to make you send another one. Thank you though, a lot!!! I got your first package, thank you guys so much!! I love it! Especially the beef jerky!!!! Oh, man, I don't remember the last time I had jack links beef jerky! There is an elder in our apartment who likes to bake things, and we have an oven across the street in the chapel, so we went over last p-day and baked some of the stuff. We also used some of the chocolate and Oreos for English class. We did a scavenger hunt, and everyone LOVED it. So, thank you a bunch!

Yeah, the Seventies are pretty cool. Actually, we met with five of them, including Elder Rasband from the Seventy because all the mission presidents in the Asia area are coming to Hong Kong for a special mission president seminar. It started Tuesday and goes until Friday. So, President Hawks is basically gone from the early morning until late at night which means we have to keep the mission running until he is done... pretty scary! We had to pick up some new missionaries, too, and it was the first time ever that President Hawks wasn't there at the airport to greet them. He felt bad, but then we found out that the mission president of one of the Taiwan missions (I can't remember which one) is getting something like 30 new missionaries while he's gone. I feel so bad for those assistants. We only got three in, and our mission president was still in the country, haha. But before the conference, Elder Rasband wanted to come and have a meeting with the missionaries. So, with like 2 days notice we set up an all mission meeting. Only the second one I've ever been to. (First with Elder Holland). It was cool to be taught by so many Seventy, but the coolest part is soooo awesome!!!! 

We got some inside info about conference coming up MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE SATURDAY MORNING SESSION OF GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It's going to be awesome! Elder Wong, who is really cool is from Sha Tin in Tolo Harbour which is like the Northern East part of Hong Kong, kind of, and just got called recently to be a Seventy. Actually, his first assignment as an official seventy was at our mission tour about a month ago. He's the first Hong Kong local to be called to the first quorum of the seventy, so he's like famous in the church in Hong Kong. But he's going to make history. He's going to speak in general conference, but wait, not only that, he's going to be the first person ever to speak in general conference in his mother tongue!!! Yeah! So, the church changed their policy about only speaking in English. They want everyone who's mother tongue is something other than English to be able to speak it over the pulpit and it will be translated. (I think into subtitles)! Awesome, huh? The first person ever to speak a different language in conference will be in CANTONESE!!!! Wooo Wooo! REPRESENT!!!!!! They said that there will be others too, in Spanish, Portuguese and maybe some other ones. (Hopefully dad will be able to understand it), so it should be fun. But, yeah, you should watch it! I know a lot of people don't watch the Saturday morning session, but it will be sick! Elder Wong is pretty nervous, but he'll do great. His English is great, but I'm sure that giving it in Chinese will be easier. 

Well, other than that we are still just busy getting everything done that we need to. We had an awesome activity the other day with all of Hong Kong. All four stakes came and competed in a sports day, and we had a ton of non-members there. Our investigator, Joseph, had a great time. I ran one race, it was a relay race where one person spins around and then runs, then another has to run with a bucket of water on his head, and so on. So mine was the hurdles... and even on the lowest setting... I was wearing jeans and am fat, so I didn't want to hurt myself, so I crawled under one, ran around the next two and then kicked the last one over, haha. It was fun. We also did a Kung Fu performance to the Mulan song Be A Man in Chinese, it was the most boss thing I've ever done, haha. I have a video, but I'm sure it's too big to send. 

Anyway, I love you guys, keep me posted on what's going on. Keep swimming, keep the faith, never quit.

Elder Mak

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