Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hey, Mikesell Clan! So this week we are still working hard. Been having a hard time getting our investigators to keep commitments, but we are still plugging along. We had zone training this last week, and they announced that because this year is the 65th anniversary of the Church in Hong Kong, President Hawks wants us to celebrate by hitting 65 baptisms in the month of July. Now, to those who have gone to other missions, that may or may not seem like a big deal, depending on where you went, but let me put it into perspective. Our mission has, for a really long time, been consistently hitting an average of 20 baptisms a month. So, this will be over 3 times the norm. It has been done once before back in 2009, they hit 66 which is the mission record, so it's possible. We are to work twice as hard as we are now, and the third part will be made up by the Lord in pure miracles... so says President. How we work twice as hard, I'm not entirely sure. My companionship decided to cut meals and our nightly bed prep time to work, but unless we break rules and work more than 16 hours a day, we can't really do more than that. Pray for us. We've seen some blessings. Sister Chan, the one who we just baptized has given us some referrals, and so we have met two other people who are deaf and are meeting with another one today. (We also decided to cut part of P-Day), so hopefully they have an interest. 

I personally like teaching the deaf better than hearing people, but that's just me. Even though it can be hard at first because there are so many different ways of signing the same thing in Hong Kong, it can get confusing. Normally, in the church we use a lot of ASL for gospel terms because Hong Kong doesn't really have them. But a lot of times, they don't understand them, so the first couple lessons can be difficult cuz we have to teach them new words. But it's good. I'm known in the zone and other parts of the mission as the sign language missionary now, which I don't mind. I kind of want to be assigned to being able to teach any and all deaf people throughout the mission! 

Oh, also, the other day, I saw the coolest thing. So for those of you who watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, in Hong Kong there are a ton of people who will water bend in parks, mostly because the south eastern part of China is where water bending originated, also because it's fluid and people like it because it's pretty looking. I had never seen any other type of bending done before, but the other day we saw a guy fire bending, and it was pretty cool, so yeah. Those martial arts are real and people know them (I mean obviously not the actual bending of elements but the movements behind them). I really want to take it up when I get back. There is a water bending class that a member teaches at the church every week, but we don't have an investigator who goes, so I've never been. I have to go, love you all, keep the faith, just keep swimming, never quit!


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