Tuesday, December 24, 2013


December 15, 2013
English class is doing ok. We haven't had a lot of people show up lately, but last week we did have quite a few, so it was good. We normally have about maybe 6-10 on a really good day. Right now it's only once a week. If we have more people come we might split to two days a week, but we don't right now. Most Chinese people speak a little bit of English, just cuz they take it in school like Americans take Spanish, but some are way better than others. So, that is kind of a challenge teaching such a wide range of people. We normally try and speak English the whole time, but sometimes I'll use Chinese to explain something for a little bit. 
Cha Sui (BBQ Pork)
Jumbo was really cool. I sent you a post card, hope you get it. The food was good, the cha siu faan was the best along with the flat noodles with beef. Those are my favorite. It was good, but overpriced, I'm glad I didn't have to pay, haha. Wow that is cold. It's been really cold and rainy here too. I busted out the sweater vest for the first time today, haha. Wow that's awesome Alec's an elder. I sent him a letter last week. It was really late coming. Hope you guys have a good time in Beaver! Is there snow up there? Is the resort open yet? Love you all, I pray for you everyday. Keep the faith. Never give up.
Love, Jay

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