Monday, September 9, 2013


So, this week has been pretty busy. We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, haha, trying to figure out how do everything on our own! But, God has blessed us, probably out of pity. We have been able to teach a few solid lessons, and we have a new investigator who has really good potential. The major problem is that he is a factory worker, and he works on Sundays. We've been praying to figure out how to help him.. He makes next to nothing and lives in a shack with his mom and son, but even though we've only met him twice, he's started reading the Book of Mormon and asks really good questions. I'm hoping he can overcome his challenges and be able to come to church. Other than that, we've been working with a lot of less actives. 
Also found and old guy named Tommy who used to be in the British army, his English is pretty good, and he loves to talk about the good old days, haha. We also met a farmer who has a pretty incredible story. He snuck his way into Hong Kong in the 60's because his family was starving, started a chicken coup farm, figured out some way to make it better than every other chicken farm of the day (not sure about the details, still don't speak a whole lot of Chinese...) and made a ton of money, built his house (like actually built it..) which is really nice, out in the middle of a ton of rice patties near the base of a mountain wayyyy out in the middle of nowhere, haha. Now he's just hanging out.. taught himself how to read and invest, lives off the interest of his chicken farm that he sold. Super smart guy. Though he has been through crazy challenges early in his life... I hope we can find a way to help him come unto Christ and realize his blessings. Right now he doesn't really believe in anything because of all the hardships he's been through and only believes in himself.. 
We also were able to do a service project for Sister Wong (the  "I'm a Mormon" lady from the video) and taught her less active daughter. She told us about how she was picked and the whole process behind the "I'm a Mormon" video thing. There is a ton that goes into those things, it's crazy. I really want to do that kind of stuff when I get back [make those kind of videos]. Anyway, it was good. 
We are also working on revising and improving our English class that we are doing every week. We've been told in other Asian missions that 90 percent of their baptisms come from English class, so we are taking it more seriously. We figure if we go up to people and offer a free English class they will be more willing to talk than if we just walk up on the street and talk about the gospel out of nowhere. Hopefully that yields some success. Well until next week! Alec, where are you going already?!!! Come to China!!! haha Love you all, keep the faith.
Elder Mikesell

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